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2011, February 23 1 comment


Have been quite busy lately, university started this week! Luckily it has only been introductory lectures so far, but I think I’m prepared to get into the meat of the content. I’ve enrolled to take a Bachelor of Commerce and to major in International Business!

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King Arthur – The War Game

2011, February 12 Leave a comment

I picked this up on Steam last week during their weekend sale and I have to say, it has me hooked. These kind of army management and battlefield control style games have always been enjoyable to me. It’s like a Total War game based on the Arthurian legend with RPG elements such with hero management and levelling.

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Black Rock Shooter RPG First Trailer Revealed!

2011, February 6 Leave a comment

The first trailer was recently uploaded onto the official Black Rock Shooter RPG website at announced via twitter by @ryoei18 the director of Image Epoch. For a first trailer I’m suprised that there is in-game renders shown and it looks pretty awesome.

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Building the Box Pt. 1

2011, February 4 3 comments

Alrighty, so I decided to start up this project to make myself a white lightbox so I can take pictures of my figures and other goodies in. So it’s a pretty simple operation made from things I found in my home, however I’ll have to go out and buy something to finish it off. When it is finished, look forward to pictures of the things I have bought recently and in the future! ^0^

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2011, February 3 Leave a comment

Gong xi fa cai 恭禧發財

Happy Chinese New Year and to celebrate, a blog!

I have migrated my blog over to wordpress because it’s “easier” to manage than my previous host. Not that I was active on my previous blog anyway ^^;

I think of this as a fresh start in being more active in recording my activity and to share some interesting things I come across with everyone. There will be lots of exciting content I think, especially since I will start university this year and who knows what shenanigans will happen. Look forward for what is to come from here on out.

Anyway lately apart from the usual anime watching I’ve decided to make myself a box to do some figure photography in. Apart from that it’s just looking for an アルバイト because I’m in need of some money, however Chinese New Year came around and the always delighted ang bao came my way which should hold me over while I search for some work to do!


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