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Daily Japanese #22

2013, January 31 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

鶏群の一鶴 (けいぐんのいっかく/keigun no ikkaku)
-lit. one crane in the flock of chickens
-within many people, there is always one person who stands out by far (positive meaning).

Word of the day:

朴訥 (ぼくとつ/bokutotsu)

-unsophisticated, simple, naive

…today’s video is the next part of FotB with Eddie Huang in Back in Taiwan pt. 2


Daily Japanese #21

2013, January 30 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

酒は百薬の長 (さけはひゃくやくのちょう/sake wa hyakuyaku no chou)

-lit. alcohol surpasses a hundred medicines
-the English equivalent would be Good wine makes good blood, which means that when alcohol is consumed at proper amounts it can have an effect even greater than that of medicine.

Word of the day:

魯国 (ろこく/rokoku)

-Russia. Though I should note that the first character also means foolish, so… read that as you will?

Word of the day EX:

琉球 (りゅうきゅう/ryuukyuu)

-the name for the Ryukyu islands in the southernmost part of the Japanese archipelago. Interestingly on these islands, they have their own languages that is not mutually intelligible with Japanese or each other.

…today’s link isn’t a video, but rather to one of the manga series’ that I’m following. It’s an enjoyable SoL with monster people.

Daily Japanese #20

2013, January 29 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

呉越同舟 (ごえつどうしゅう/goetsudoushuu)

-lit. Go-Etsu, same boat / bitter enemies (placed by fate) in the same boat.
-Must cooperate together despite difficulty in understanding each other and advantages/disadvantages of the situation.
-Go and Etsu were rival states in ancient China.

Word of the day:

傍観者 (ぼうかんしゃ/boukansha)
-bystander, onlooker

Word of the day EX:

隠蔽 (いんぺい/inpei)

-concealment, suppression, hiding.
-eg. 首相がスキャンダルの隠蔽工作を図った結果、新聞が事件をつきとめたときには、事態をますます悪化させてしまった。

…no video today.

Daily Japanese #19

2013, January 28 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

高木は風に折らる (こうぼくはかぜにおらる/kouboku wa kaze ni oraru)

-lit. the tall tree is broken by the wind
-people who are famous or of high stature are envied by others, and are difficult to meet.

Word of the day:

変貌 (へんぼう/henbou)

-lit. change visage
-transformation of appearance, transfiguration

Word of the day EX:

聖地巡礼 (or just 巡礼) (せいちじゅんれい/seichijyunrei)

-lit. holy place pilgrimage
-the term just means pilgrimage, it’s up to you if you want to add 聖地 which means holy location.

…this is another thing that I’ve browsed into occasionally

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Daily Japanese #18

2013, January 27 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

虎の威を借る狐 (とらのいをかるきつね/tora no i wo karu kitsune)

-lit. a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger
-a person who walks around flaunting the influence of someone else; a small person acting arrogantly through the borrowed authority.
-an example of this would be Chinese princelings who use their parent’s authorities to do and get what they want while acting stuck up about it. Although even this example can be false in some senses.

Word of the day:

増幅 (ぞうふく/zoufuku)

-amplification, usually of the electrical type, or waves.

Word of the day EX:

参考人 (さんこうにん/sankounin)

-lit. person as reference
-this can mean a couple of things, but this word is usually applied to criminal cases. It can refer to a witness, person of interest, or potential suspect in English.

…Analog Rev TV

Daily Japanese #17

2013, January 26 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

石が流れて木の葉が沈む (いしがながれてきのはがしずむ/ishi ga nagarete ki no ha ga shizumu)

-lit. rocks will flow and leaves will sink.
-there are exceptions to every rule is what this proverb means.

Word of the day:

啓示 (けいじ/keiji)

-revelation/enlightenment (of the divine kind… or normal kind if you prefer)

Word of the day EX:

杉 (すぎ/sugi)

-a conifer of the cypress family which is endemic to Japan. It is the national tree of Japan and often found planted around temples and shrines.

…more Gaki no Tsukai videos today!

Weekly Drawing #2

2013, January 25 Leave a comment

We are back this week with another installment of my weekly drawing series where I post progress on my endeavour to become a (somewhat) proficient artist then designer.

So last week was focusing on the head, and this week we moved onto construction of the body which is the bulk of the work. Once you have the head and body… you get a person! Which then leads to clothing and refining details such as the hands and feet, but that’s all next week.

So for this week I’ll show how I’ve gone with my attempts at construction of the body which is mostly from basic shapes and lines to simulate a skeleton where then ‘muscles’ are added.

As always, if you want to also start drawing, hit up the guide that I’m using at:

The book I’m currently using is Fun With A Pencil by Andrew Loomis which may be downloaded for free at:

Also an excellent Youtube channel for beginners and experiences persons alike Feng Zhu Design School which has many tutorials to watch.

Now onto the actual work.

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