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Daily Japanese #1

Part of my new series that both helps me learn (somewhat), helps whoever glances at this learn, and most importantly puts content on my blog which has been inactive for quite a while.

Oh, also feel free to comment if you want… I guess… It’s not like I want you to or anything.

(This may or may not actually be a daily feature since I actually have to stumble across new terms that I find quite interesting but I’ll try to keep this regular)


Phrase of the day:

交際を申し込む (こうさいをもうしこむ/kousai wo moushikomu)

-lit. to propose/request/offer friendship/company/acquaintance
-The most common meaning is to ask a person out, or confess, propose marriage similar to 告白する or 告る. It’s an uncommon usage and normally reserved for when you’re talking to people above you or in a more respectful manner.

Word of the day:

太陽神経叢 (たいようしんけいそう/taiyoushinkeisou)

-lit. solar plexus
-the part in between the V below your sternum and hurts if you poke it (don’t do this).

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