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Daily Japanese #18

Proverb of the day:

虎の威を借る狐 (とらのいをかるきつね/tora no i wo karu kitsune)

-lit. a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger
-a person who walks around flaunting the influence of someone else; a small person acting arrogantly through the borrowed authority.
-an example of this would be Chinese princelings who use their parent’s authorities to do and get what they want while acting stuck up about it. Although even this example can be false in some senses.

Word of the day:

増幅 (ぞうふく/zoufuku)

-amplification, usually of the electrical type, or waves.

Word of the day EX:

参考人 (さんこうにん/sankounin)

-lit. person as reference
-this can mean a couple of things, but this word is usually applied to criminal cases. It can refer to a witness, person of interest, or potential suspect in English.

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