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Daily Japanese #21

Proverb of the day:

酒は百薬の長 (さけはひゃくやくのちょう/sake wa hyakuyaku no chou)

-lit. alcohol surpasses a hundred medicines
-the English equivalent would be Good wine makes good blood, which means that when alcohol is consumed at proper amounts it can have an effect even greater than that of medicine.

Word of the day:

魯国 (ろこく/rokoku)

-Russia. Though I should note that the first character also means foolish, so… read that as you will?

Word of the day EX:

琉球 (りゅうきゅう/ryuukyuu)

-the name for the Ryukyu islands in the southernmost part of the Japanese archipelago. Interestingly on these islands, they have their own languages that is not mutually intelligible with Japanese or each other.

…today’s link isn’t a video, but rather to one of the manga series’ that I’m following. It’s an enjoyable SoL with monster people.


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