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Daily Japanese #51

2013, February 28 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

善は急げ (ぜんはいそげ/zen wa isoge)

-hurry with the good
-even though it’s a good thing, there is hesitation
-don’t let the opportunity for a good thing to get away, carry it out immediately
-or if the analogous English proverb, strike while the iron is hot

Word of the day:

窄む (すぼむ/subomu)

-to get narrower; to contract

Word of the day EX:

泡・沫 (あわ/awa)

-bubble; foam; froth

…Key the people who bring you many touching VNs and anime. Their music is always memorable, while I probably couldn’t name you them, I can say that I’ve heard them all before.


Daily Japanese #50

2013, February 27 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

好事魔多し (好事魔多し/koujimaoosi)

-fortune has much evil
-good things are easily hindered, lights are usually followed by shadows

Word of the day:

憚る (はばかる/habakaru)

-to hesitate; to have scruples; to be afraid of what others think
-to have great influence

Word of the day EX:

臓腑 (ぞうふ/zoufu)


…今日紹介したいのはまた食べいきたいレストランの金子半之助っていう店なのだ 特に日本橋天丼金子半之助のところ 安くて量も多いし 食べたい!

Daily Japanese #49

2013, February 26 Leave a comment

Daily Japanese #49

Metaphor of the day:

雪と墨 (ゆきとすみ/yuki to sumi)

-lit. snow and ink
-an example of exact opposites (white snow and black ink)

Word of the day:

窄む (すぼむ/subomu)

-to contract; to grow narrow

Word of the day EX:

微塵切り (みじんぎり/mijingiri)

-finely chopped (cooking)
-微塵 is usually written in kana

…Part 2 of FOTB in Miami.

Daily Japanese #48

2013, February 25 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

下手の横好き (へたのよこずき/heta no yokozuki)

-being crazy about something but very bad at it

Word of the day:

窺う (うかがう/ukagau)

-to peep; to examine (covertly)
-to guess; to infer
-to await (one’s chance)

Word of the day EX:

魑魅魍魎 (ちみもうりょう/chimimouryou)

-evil spirits of rivers and mountains

…Haven’t posted anything from FZD in a while, this is a great video on reference books. They’re not just fancy picture books for the rich.

Weekly Drawing #6

2013, February 24 Leave a comment

Welcome back to another week in the Weekly Drawing series. The series where I post up my progress on learning how to draw starting from the basics and then moving onto different styles (and maybe developing my own!).

First off, the guide that I am using as reference can be found here:

The book that I am currently using is “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis which is a bit more advanced and gets into the details of figure drawing including know muscle and bone structure to create a realistic drawing. This week specifically is moving from the mannikin frame to a general construction of the body.

I’m still terrible at perspective as always and will look to get that down after I have the fundamentals of a human done!

The book that I am using can be downloaded from here for free:

From next week onward will be further detailed drawings and then working on the female form as it has been only the male at this stage.

Without further ado, here are this weeks images with some comments on what they are.

Read more…

Daily Japanese #47

2013, February 24 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

知らぬが仏 (しらぬがほとけ/shiranu ga hotoke)

-lit. not knowing is enlightenment
-which in English would be ignorance is bliss

Word of the day:

跪く (ひざまずく/hizamazuku)

-to kneel
-usual in kana alone

Word of the day EX:

瀕死状態 (ひんしじょうたい/hinshijoudai)

-maribund state; near-death; barely alive condition

…today is a manhwa that I have found quite enjoyable. A still running series that is quite long but will have you wanting more!

Daily Japanese #46

2013, February 23 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

子ゆえのやみ (こゆえのやみ/koyue no yami)

-lit. darkness because of a child
-because parents are in love with their children, they lose those rational decision making ability.

Word of the day:

凪ぐ (なぐ/nagu)

-calm, lull

Word of the day EX:

生命体 (せいめいたい/seimeitai)


…Vice has been doing a series of short films and this is probably the better one of those released.