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Daily Japanese #25

Proverb of the day:

鬼に金棒 (おににかなぼう/oni ni kanabou)

-lit. ogre into metal rod
-if you add to something that is already well matched or suitable, it becomes even better.
-the meaning is derived from ‘in addition to the strong ogre, if you give it a metal rod, the already strong thing becomes stronger furthermore.
-eg. 君が味方してくれれば鬼に金棒だ

Word of the day:

廉直 (れんちょく/renchoku)

-integrity; uprightness
-the character 廉 can also mean inexpensive or suspicion;charge.

Word of the day EX:

采配 (さいはい/saihai)

-baton (of command) or direct;lead.

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