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Daily Japanese #382

2014, January 25 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

参謀 (さんぼう/sanbou)

-staff officer; participating in planning

Word of the day EX:

正当 (せいとう/seitou)

-just; justifiable; right; due; proper; equitable; reasonable; legitimate; legal; lawful

Phrase of the day:

正当防衛 (せいとうぼうえい/seitoubouei)

-legitimate self-defence; legitimate self-defence

…A remake of the 1974 series, Space Battleship Yamato. Excellent series that was heavily influential at the time and many decades later in the mecha and space opera genre. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a highly recommended watch.


Daily Japanese #309

2013, November 13 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

主導権 (しゅどうけん/shudouken)

-hegemony; leadership; initiative

Word of the day EX:

念書 (ねんしょ/nensho)

-written pledge; signed note of assurance; memorandum; legal instrument

Word of the day EXX:

箆鹿 (へらじか/herajika)

-moose; elk

…Microsoft has done it again! Brought out a new mascot for their products this time for IE. But I gotta say… The animators were really lazy, it’s like 4 fps in here, which is extremely terrible for something which is meant to be action.

Daily Japanese #255

2013, September 19 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

催し (もよおし/moyooshi)

-event; function; gathering

Word of the day EX:

鈍い (にぶい/nibui)

-dull; sluggish

Word of the day EXX:

妊娠 (にんしん/ninshin)

-pregnancy; conception

…Based Trigger with their next project Kill la Kill. It looks pretty awesome with that touch of director Imaishi

Daily Japanese #195

2013, July 20 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

緩和 (かんわ/kanwa)

-relief; mitigation; alleviation; relaxation; softening

Word of the day EX:

金利 (きんり/kinri)

-interest rate

Word of the day EXX:

摩擦 (まさつ/masatsu)

-friction; rubbing

…Why can’t we can’t commercials like this. It’s hilarious if you know about Doraemon.

Note: The BGM that plays is Kiseki by Greeeen.

Daily Japanese #189

2013, July 14 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

床屋 (とこや/tokoya)

-barber; barbershop

Word of the day EX:

お辞儀 (おじぎ/ojigi)


Word of the day EXX:

最先端 (さいせんたん/saisentan)

-cutting-edge; leading edge; forefront; ultra-fine

…Based Studio TRIGGER had put up their Kickstarter for Little Witch Academia 2 and it achieved its goal in mere hours. The first episode was excellent, and I hope to get more of that in the next one!

Daily Japanese #128

2013, May 16 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

きまりが悪い (きまりがわるい/kimari ga warui)

-embarrassed; ashamed

Word of the day EX:



Word of the day EXX:

皮膚 (ひふ/hifu)


…Japan Foundation together the Madman and NTV have brought the 2013 Evangelion Art Exhibition to Sydney for one week. I went today on the opening day and it is a display of various hand-drawn frames used in the Evangelion film’s storyboards paired with the actual outcome.

I’d say it’s worth to drop by and have a look, but I don’t suggest to make that the focus of your day as it is quite limited in what there is. Also they are selling merchandise that was only available at cinemas in Japan during the screenings of Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

Daily Japanese #55

2013, March 4 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

破天荒 (はてんこう/hatenkou)

-to clear the disorder from the savage lands of heaven and earth
-meaning to achieve something that no one has been able to, an unheard of or unprecedented event

Word of the day:

廉価 (れんか/renka)

-low price

Word of the day EX:

天然痘 (てんねんとう/tennentou)

-smallpox; variola

…Another masterpiece from the scenery extraordinaire, Makoto Shinkai. Featuring Hanazawa Kana voicing the lead, 27 year old, female and Irino Miyu as the male lead. It actually seems strange to me that HanaKana is voicing a mature character, she usually does childish roles.