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Daily Japanese #398

2014, February 10 Leave a comment

遠征軍 (えんせいぐん/enseigun)

-expeditionary force

Word of the day EX:

連携 (れんけい/renkei)

-cooperation; coordination; link

Word of the day EXX:

防波堤 (ぼうはてい/bouhatei)

-breakwater; mole

…(not quite) Fallout 4! Let’s draw by FZD.


Daily Japanese #394

2014, February 6 Leave a comment

漏れる (もれる/moreru)

-to leak out; to escape
-to shine through
-to filter out; to be omitted

Word of the day EX:

戦火 (せんか/senka)

-wartime fire
-war; wartime destruction; horrors of war

Word of the day EXX:

短夜 (たんや/tanya)

-short summer night

…Lets get back into drawing! (maybe)

Daily Japanese #390

2014, February 2 Leave a comment

生存権 (せいぞんけん/seizonken)

-right to live

Word of the day EX:

毬投げ (まりなげ/marinage)

-playing catch

Word of the day EXX:

破魔 (はま/hama)


…Gaming ‘Let’s plays’ are a thing of the past, it’s now all about Let’s draw!

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Daily Japanese #281

2013, October 15 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

宦官 (かんがん/kangan)


Word of the day EX:

共済 (きょうさい/kyousai)

-mutual aid

Word of the day EXX:

含嗽 (うがい/ugai)

-gargling; rinsing one’s mouth

…It has been a while since FZD uploaded some videos. I think they’re getting more and more distant from each other, but each one is an interesting watch into design. This episode is primarily about designing a scene in ZBrush and then painting over it.

Daily Japanese #172

2013, June 28 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

死語 (しご/shigo)

-dead language, obsolete word

Word of the day EX:

警笛 (けいてき/keiteki)

-horn; alarm; whistle; foghorn

Word of the day EXX:

へっぽこ (heppoko)

-hack; untrained; quack

…I’ve been learning CAD recently and have to say that it’s pretty enjoyable so far. Having to think about all the pieces and design. The program I’m using is FreeCAD which is pretty neat for starting out.

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Weekly Drawing #6

2013, February 24 Leave a comment

Welcome back to another week in the Weekly Drawing series. The series where I post up my progress on learning how to draw starting from the basics and then moving onto different styles (and maybe developing my own!).

First off, the guide that I am using as reference can be found here:

The book that I am currently using is “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis which is a bit more advanced and gets into the details of figure drawing including know muscle and bone structure to create a realistic drawing. This week specifically is moving from the mannikin frame to a general construction of the body.

I’m still terrible at perspective as always and will look to get that down after I have the fundamentals of a human done!

The book that I am using can be downloaded from here for free:

From next week onward will be further detailed drawings and then working on the female form as it has been only the male at this stage.

Without further ado, here are this weeks images with some comments on what they are.

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Weekly Drawing #5

2013, February 22 Leave a comment

We are back once again with another week’s worth of drawing progress. This time I start to seriously study how to draw the human body properly including muscle structure and body shapes. However before we get into that, as always, if you want to also pick up drawing the guide that I am using can be found here:

Currently I am in the beginner section and using the book “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis as my point of reference. Even just after a week of study I can see that there is a huge difference in how I now would draw bodies compared to previously and I’m sure that trend will continue. I’ll probably stick on this book for a while since it’s rather comprehensive and I am proceeding at only a moderate pace.

The Andrew Loomis materials can be downloaded from here:

Here onwards will be my progress in this new book.

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