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Daily Japanese #398

2014, February 10 Leave a comment

遠征軍 (えんせいぐん/enseigun)

-expeditionary force

Word of the day EX:

連携 (れんけい/renkei)

-cooperation; coordination; link

Word of the day EXX:

防波堤 (ぼうはてい/bouhatei)

-breakwater; mole

…(not quite) Fallout 4! Let’s draw by FZD.


Daily Japanese #394

2014, February 6 Leave a comment

漏れる (もれる/moreru)

-to leak out; to escape
-to shine through
-to filter out; to be omitted

Word of the day EX:

戦火 (せんか/senka)

-wartime fire
-war; wartime destruction; horrors of war

Word of the day EXX:

短夜 (たんや/tanya)

-short summer night

…Lets get back into drawing! (maybe)

Daily Japanese #240

2013, September 4 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

廃止 (はいし/haishi)

-abolishment; abandonment

Word of the day EX:

鉄道 (てつどう/tetsudou)


Word of the day EXX:

鉄道馬車 (てづどうばしゃ/tetsudou basha)

-horse-drawn streetcar

…青山テルマ feat.SoulJa / そばにいるね

Daily Japanese #226

2013, August 20 Leave a comment

Word of the day:

心掛ける (こころがける/kokorogakeru)

-to bear in mind; to aim to do

Word of the day EX:

透き通る (すきとおる/sukitooru)

-to be(come) transparent

Word of the day EXX:

薬指 (くすりゆび/kusuriyubi)

-ring finger; fourth finger

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Daily Japanese #76

2013, March 25 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

嚢中の錐 (のうちゅうのきり/nouchuu no kiri)

-lit. a drill in a bag (will always poke through)
-A talented person will naturally appear at the top, as a drill in a bag will always poke through.

Word of the day:

沁みる (しみる/shimiru)

-to pierce (one’s heart)
-to soak

Word of the day EX

跛 (びっこ/bikko)

-lameness; cripple (sensitive language)
-mismatched pair (of shoes etc.)

…Live stream channel of Yusuke Murata of Eyeshield 21 and One-Punch Man fame.

Daily Japanese #48

2013, February 25 Leave a comment

Proverb of the day:

下手の横好き (へたのよこずき/heta no yokozuki)

-being crazy about something but very bad at it

Word of the day:

窺う (うかがう/ukagau)

-to peep; to examine (covertly)
-to guess; to infer
-to await (one’s chance)

Word of the day EX:

魑魅魍魎 (ちみもうりょう/chimimouryou)

-evil spirits of rivers and mountains

…Haven’t posted anything from FZD in a while, this is a great video on reference books. They’re not just fancy picture books for the rich.

Weekly Drawing #6

2013, February 24 Leave a comment

Welcome back to another week in the Weekly Drawing series. The series where I post up my progress on learning how to draw starting from the basics and then moving onto different styles (and maybe developing my own!).

First off, the guide that I am using as reference can be found here:

The book that I am currently using is “Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis which is a bit more advanced and gets into the details of figure drawing including know muscle and bone structure to create a realistic drawing. This week specifically is moving from the mannikin frame to a general construction of the body.

I’m still terrible at perspective as always and will look to get that down after I have the fundamentals of a human done!

The book that I am using can be downloaded from here for free:

From next week onward will be further detailed drawings and then working on the female form as it has been only the male at this stage.

Without further ado, here are this weeks images with some comments on what they are.

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